What is ©InveSTABLE?

The ©InveSTABLE Solution is a formulated approach to operationalising the ESG requirements of an investment into a frontier landscape to support a strategic vision for holistic sustainable growth.

The ©InveSTABLE Solutions structure is a phased model and begins with the pre-planning phase designed to ensure that the Frontier ESG Advisory team are fully advised of the clients wishes, intentions, aims and goals, this is followed by an in-depth ground truthing and situational analysis prior to designing the final InveSTABLE roadmap.

The client can then incorporate further support as needed in addition to the bi-annual ESG audit that forms part of the InveSTABLE “package”.

This way the Frontier ESG Advisory team and the client can work together to shape the human and environmental landscape that they are to inhabit in a structured, holistic way that supports; the investments protection and growth, the best practice fundamentals of ESG, the inclusion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the host national governments requirements, the regional administrations involvement and a symbiotic partnership with the indigenous local community.

The InveSTABLE Solution utilizes the outcomes of ESG best practice delivery to help secure a client’s licence to operate and promote on-going growth.

©InveSTABLE removes the ‘silo’ approach of dealing with the three aspects – Environmental, Social and Governance – as separate entities and focuses on building a holistic “kaleidoscope” of proactive parts, interlinked as they are in real life through human needs, actions, relationships and impacts.

The ©InveSTABLE Theory of Change demonstrates how an investment’s ESG strategic vision can be delivered through detailed operational planning based on situational analysis and the mapping of actions, outcomes and identifying the logical pathways required to create stable, secure human and environmental landscapes from which an investment can prosper and achieve long term success.

Built upon galvanizing proactive frontier stakeholder support, greater sustainable growth can be achieved for the investment, promoting long-term environmental and human security for the host stakeholders, their localised natural environment and the planet.